What our clients say…

Creditsafe“Countrunner is one of the easiest online counting engines to use, particularly when searching by postcode. I have found it to be quick, easy and very user friendly. A great way for us to source various email data!”
essentiamail“Just to let you know there was an 8% open rate on the engineers data we bought last week which is very good. I’ve let the client know I was very pleased with this result and that I’d recommend him trying some more data from you.”
marketing-file“During the last 5 years EmailMovers have provided MarketingFile Ltd with consistently high quality digital data which in turn has increased both our and our customers response rates”
Avire“We have been a customer of Emailmovers for the past 5 years and I have always found your data sources to be creditable, campaigns have always gone out on time as requested. We have been happy with the response we get. We will continue to use Emailmovers for the foreseeable future”
David Pratley – Partner – Avire (UK) LLP