B2B Premium Industry Email Lists

As data owners and delivery experts, we have been able to build up a large number of B2B responsive email lists. These are email lists of contacts who have recently responded to a campaign from each industry. This is our highest quality premium business data and is designed to give you a head start with your marketing. Our industry responsive lists have been put together using the results we get from the campaigns we deliver every month.

These databases are full of contacts who have responded to a campaign in each industry listed. So if you’re in the Marketing Industry, looking to promote your services, you would look to purchase our Marketing Responsive database as these are contacts who has previously responded to a marketing campaign.

You can expect a much higher open rate on these databases because they are responsive, this is why it is our Premium Email Data.

All our B2B Premium Industry email lists contain 100% email address and the following (where available):

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Job Title
  • Postcode
  • Other company details

If you’d like to see they type of campaigns these contacts have responded too, take a look at our post containing this information here

Create a different Premium email list

If you have a target industry or business type in mind you can use Countrunner Online to be more specific to reach your target audience. It is free to register and gives you instant access to count against our master B2B file.