Countrunner FAQ

What is

Countrunner gives you instant access to the Emailmovers in-house business-to-business database of up to 1 million email addresses, as well as access to a further 4 million business-to-consumer email addresses.

There are 2 options for buying data from We have a range of pre-packaged email lists updated monthly to choose from, or you can choose to use our online counting engine to run tailored real-time counts on our entire B2B database and purchase selections. 

How up-to-date are the email addresses?

All of our data continuously goes through a list cleansing and verification process to ensure that your data is of the highest accuracy. 

What are the guarantees?

Countrunner volumes are updated every 30 days and every packaged email data file will be oversupplied by 10% to compensate for any hard bounces that occur between cleanses. Should the number of hard bounces ever exceed the oversupply then we will refund or replace the records that exceed the 10%.

Can I have a sample?

Yes of course. You can request a sample of our data using the contact form or call our team on 0843 886 9869.

I’ve purchased a packaged data set, when will I receive my data?

Once you purchase a packaged list and the payment has been received and verified your data will be sent to you via MailBigFile, a secure data transfer method.

Please allow up to 1 working day for your payment to be verified. Your data will then be sent to you via email from, with a secure link to
download. Please note our opening hours are Monday – Thursday (9am -5.30pm) and Friday (9.30am – 5pm). Any data purchases out of these hours will be processed the next working day.

What format is the data provided in?

Your database is in the same zip file as this document and has been provided to you as a .csv file.

A CSV file is best opened and viewed through a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Open Office Calc or Google Docs.

What does the email data look like?

Although we can only guarantee the validity of the email addresses, our data is still provided with offline information, where available. The following is a list of the fields that will be contained in your database, along with brief descriptions of field names that may be less obvious.

Countrunner Online Fields:

B2B Data

  • company – Trading name of the company at the site/location
  • postcode
  • title
  • first name
  • surname
  • job role
  • email – 100%

Packaged Data Fields:

  • reference – This is a unique Countrunner reference number
  • company – Trading name of the company at the site/location
  • town
  • county
  • postcode
  • region – Standardised UK Region
  • prefix – Mr/Ms etc
  • fname – Forename
  • sname – Surname
  • job_role – Standardised job role
  • email – 100%
  • employees_band
  • turnover_band
  • fleet_band 
  • sic_section
  • sic_section_description
  • sic_subclass
  • sic_subclass_description
  • website

How much does it cost to use Countrunner Online?

Countrunner is absolutely free to use to run counts and save them in your online profile. It is only if or when you choose to purchase a specific selection that you will be requested to enter your details for payment.

Is there any tutorials of how Countrunner Online works?

Yes. We have put together a series of Countrunner Tutorials that will walk you through the Countrunner process step-by-step.

The last tutorial – Tutorial 8: An example count shows you how you would use the options in Countrunner to make the selections for a particular count.

I’m struggling to select the list I need, do you offer any assistance?

Yes. Our team are trained in helping businesses like yours decide on the most appropriate data to target in order to reach your audience. They can talk you through how to use Countrunner or can run the count and send you a personalised quote.

What packaged email data is available?

We have over 60 different packaged email data files available to purchase from our website without the need to have an account. These are categorised by region and job role – our most popular files to target. Take a look at the pre-packaged email data here

My question is not here. I need more help

Contact our team today on 0843 886 9869 or email if you have any further questions or queries regarding Countrunner or the data. Our team are available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm GMT.