The North West Real Estate email list is comprised of various decision makers in the Real Estate Industry within North West postcodes. The file details are as follows:

Job Roles include:

  • Senior Decision Maker
  • IT Management
  • HR Management
  • Sales Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • General Management


North West: CA, LA, FY, BB, PR, L, WN, BL, OL, WA, M, WN, CH, CW, SK

More information about the North West Real Estate Email List

Updated: Monthly

Information supplied (where available):

  • reference – This is a unique Countrunner reference number
  • company – Trading name of the company at the site/location
  • postcode
  • region – Standardised UK Region
  • prefix – Mr/Ms etc
  • fname – Forename
  • sname – Surname
  • job_role – Standardised job role
  • Email – (100%)
  • employees_band
  • turnover_band
  • fleet_band
  • sic_section
  • sic_section_description
  • sic_subclass
  • sic_subclass_description



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