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 How to download your files?    Create or login into your Countrunner account Click blue ‘Get saved counts’ button  Then Click ‘Download files’  Click on the link next to the file you want to download ‘click to download’ The file will download to the default ‘Download location on your browser.         

 How to Purchase your Order online?    Retrieve count from ‘Get saved Counts’  Click blue ‘Purchase data online’  button  Review order details such as the terms and conditions  Confirm payment details  Get link to download the data or use ‘Download files’ – Email received       

How to run and save counts?   Create or Sign into your Countrunner account Click ‘Run Count’ to see overview of selections made Enter a name/ description and click ‘Save counts’ There will be a purchase or ask for a quote, send count details, view count or delete count. To Save the count click ‘Save…

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Countdown to Christmas with Countrunner!  It’s officially countdown to Christmas!  With the new year approaching why not get a head start with a new lists of prospects? Email Marketing is changing faster than ever so we are always constantly adding new records to our master database each and every month. To ensure great results all…

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