With Pulsemail, we’ve made it possible to track more than you’re bog-standard set of stats when it comes to email campaigns.

As always, we at Emailmovers like to stay ahead of the game by keeping our ‘fingers on the pulse’ in the digital advertising world.

With the increasing popularity of wearable technologies such as smart watches, wristbands such as Fitbits and Misfits, smart footwear such as the ‘Sweat Detect’ Trainers from Pike and the controversially named ‘Push Puppies’, it’s now possible to gather more information than ever before.

Even sensors in those retro ‘smartphones’ can be made use of and can report back some insightful findings!

With techniques previously only seen in James Bond movies, Pulsemail has become the new digital spy (with good intentions of course) and has features including:

arrow  email opens
arrow  email clicks
arrow  heartrate/agitation
arrow  hand gestures aimed at emails
arrow  verbal outbursts
arrow  galvanic skin response
arrow  rises in the users’ temperature
arrow  and more

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Update – 12pm 1st April 2016 #AprilFools

Here at Countrunner, we hear a similar phrase time and time again,

 “I don’t want the generic email addresses – can you exclude them?”

The simple answer is  yes, we can remove the generics if that’s what you really want, but do you really want to?

There seems to be a generalisation in the prospect data industry that a generic email address is worthless and that you should remove these from any prospect data you purchase. At Countrunner, we disagree, and here’s why. 

We have just launched our brand new B2B delivery platform, and of course, we have been running a number of test campaigns through this platform to see how it performs. Whilst the reporting in our new system is very similar to other ESP’s – opens, clicks, unsubs etc, you can also pull out a report of the contacts who have forwarded the campaign. 

When we downloaded this report, we discovered that over 38% of the contacts who had forwarded the campaign were generic email addresses. 

So, the campaign is received by the info@, sales@ enquiries@ etc. then forwarded to the relevant contact in the business. In the case of many businesses, it is most likely to be forwarded to the Senior Decision Maker of the business for them to review or the departmental decision maker that the content is relevant too. Either way – you’re email is still getting seen by the contact you want to see it.

So, next time you’re purchasing email data and considering asking for the generics to be removed, remember that you could be excluding at least 38% of potential customers. 

If you’d like to discuss any email lists or talk about our new B2B delivery platform, give us a call on 0843 886 9869 or pop us across an email on sales@countrunner.com.

You may have seen that we have recently started selling Industry Responsive Data for both B2B & B2C, and you may also be confused by what this is.  So, with this in mind, we wanted to give you a little bit more information regarding our new Premium Email Lists.

Industry Responsive means that the contacts in the email lists have already responded to campaigns within each industry.

Perfect!  You can skip the first hurdle of prospect marketing – the one where you need to find out if a contact is even interested in your product or service.

So your next question will probably be – what type of campaigns have they responded too? We can answer this for every one of our industry responsive email lists. Here’s a few examples:

For B2B:

  • The contacts in our Business Development database have opened or clicked on campaigns to do with change in utility supplier, Office 365 & Cloud Technology or Business Advice.
  • The contacts in our Communications email list have opened campaigns to do with Telephone Service Providers, Direct Marketing, Cloud Hosting Solutions & Communication Events Telecoms.
  • Our Construction email list is full of contacts who have opened a campaign to do with wall cladding, the steel industry, secure equipment storage, metal fabrication, sheet metal components & extractors.
  • The contacts in our Marketing responsive email list gave responded to many campaigns, including Telemarketing, Exhibition supplies, Design services, Advertising etc.

For B2C:

  • Our Health & Cosmetics database is made up of contacts who have responded to campaigns to do with detox tea, gym memberships, medical studies & more
  • The contacts in our Retail database have opened campaigns related to e-cigarettes, footwear, eyewear, jewellery, merchandise, clothing, gifts etc.
  • The Gambling database is full of consumers who have responded to campaigns related to greyhound racing, horse racing, lottery, football, online casino etc.

You can email us on sales@countrunner.com or give us a call on 0843 886 9869 for more information.


Our Premium Industry Responsive Lists are made up of contacts who have opened campaigns in various industries. We thought it would be helpful to tell you the type of campaigns they have responded to, so we’ve included all of this information in the tables below for our B2C Industry Responsive Email Lists. 

Premium Industry List

Campaigns Responded to


Vehicle Hire, Car Sales, Vehicle Lease & Finance


Trading Software, Film & TV Investments, Personal Finance Advice, Airport Parking Investments, Investment Seminars, Property Investments, Holiday Home Investments

Construction & Supplies

Metal Fabrications, Wall Coatings, Stone Paving & Wooden Floorboards, Windows & Doors, Gutters & Panels


Photo Studio, AdTech, Offer & Discount Mobile App


Employment Services, Job Hunting Platform


Voucher Competitions, Lottery


Hotels, Takeaways / Restaurants, Events, Christmas Bazaar

Health & Cosmetics

Detox Tea, Gym Memberships, Medical Studies, Coconut Oil


E-Cigarettes, Footwear, Eyewear, Jewellery, Boutique clothing, Personalised Merchandise, Sporting Merchandise, Food & Drink Gifts, Home Improvements, Shopping Centres, Clothing


Taxi Services, Airport Taxis, Coach operators


Country Hotels, Relaxation Spa Hotels, Airlines, Holidays, Flights & Hotels


Local Publications, Newspapers, Online publications, Magazines


Legal Advice, Solicitors, PPI, Accidents & claims

Home Improvement

Boilers, Solar Panels, Kitchens, Work tops, Bathrooms, 


Greyhound Racing, Horse Racing, Racing Tip Guides, Lottery, Football, Online Casino