Countdown to Christmas with Countrunner! 

It’s officially countdown to Christmas!  With the new year approaching why not get a head start with a new lists of prospects?

Email Marketing is changing faster than ever so we are always constantly adding new records to our master database each and every month. To ensure great results all our data is cleansed every 30 days making sure every email is active and working properly, we always over supply by 10% for any natural decay.


Countdown to Christmas with Countrunner, we want to ensure you have your new prospect lists up and ready for the new year, why not get in touch to find out what type of offers we are providing for our email data packages? 

Espiromail - Email Delivery Platform

Email Delivery Platform

Have you purchased email data, but you’re struggling to deliver to it?

Or maybe you’re thinking of purchasing data, but don’t have a solution in place for delivery. 

We can help.

Emailmovers have just launched a new version of Espiromail – our self service B2B Email Delivery platform. 

It works in the same way as most other Email Platforms:

–  Upload your list

– Create HTML campaigns using our simple Drag & Drop Editor

-Send your campaigns

-Track the results

The only difference is that Espiromail is designed for prospect data. 

Click here for your 14 day free trial. 

Trust Your Data Supplier

If you’re in the market for email data, you may be receiving countless emails from suppliers who say they offer good data at really cheap prices. 

Unfortunately, it is these companies that can give the prospect email industry a bad name – they sell poor quality email data – scraped from the internet – for next to nothing. 

And let’s face it – if you try these companies and have a bad experience, it’s likely to put you off prospect data for good. 

Here at Countrunner, we won’t promise you dirt cheap prices or set unrealistic expectations, but…

We will offer honest advice and fair prices. 


All of our data is compliant with all UK Legislation and is fully opted-in. We’re also longstanding members of the DMA and ICO.



 All of our data is cleansed and email addresses verified at least once every 30 days. 



All data will be over supplied to you by 10% to allow for any natural decay in our data between the monthly cleans.



We don’t want you to just take our word for it – ask us for a free sample. 


For more information, take a look at the various ways you can purchase data from us:

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call on 0843 886 9869,

The Countrunner Team


I don’t know about you, but September is my favourite time of the year…

Summer has set in, the nights are long – and most importantly it’s time for The Great British Bake Off!

At one point, a huge 11.2 million of us tuned in to the first episode – anxiously waiting to see who had a soggy bottom, whether the drama of BinGate would return and to find out if anyone would get the coveted Hollywood Handshake in episode 1.

Back in the office though, it’s business as usual (apart from the impending office bake off set for November) and our email data has been sieved to perfection. We have a fresh batch of data ready to dish out.

We’ve just added packaged industry data to our website, so if you’re looking for Construction or Manufacturing data this is now available to purchase directly through the website.

We also still have our email data targeted by job role and region that you can purchase through the website, and there is always our online count engine where you can run your own live counts against our complete database.

If you’d like to discuss this further, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0843 886 9869.

Enjoy the rest of the month – happy baking!

The Countrunner Team.