How to request your B2B quote? 
  • Retrieve saved counts from list
  • Click orange “Quote button” 
  • Confirms Quote details 
  • Click “request a quote” 
  • You will then receive a email to say ‘Quote request has been processed’ 




 How to download your files? 
  • Create or login into your Countrunner account
  • Click blue ‘Get saved counts’ button 
  • Then Click ‘Download files’ 
  • Click on the link next to the file you want to download ‘click to download’
  • The file will download to the default ‘Download location on your browser. 




 How to Purchase your Order online? 
  • Retrieve count from ‘Get saved Counts’ 
  • Click blue ‘Purchase data online’  button 
  • Review order details such as the terms and conditions 
  • Confirm payment details 
  • Get link to download the data or use ‘Download files’ – Email received 




How to run and save counts?
  • Create or Sign into your Countrunner account
  • Click ‘Run Count’ to see overview of selections made
  • Enter a name/ description and click ‘Save counts’
  • There will be a purchase or ask for a quote, send count details, view count or delete count.
  • To Save the count click ‘Save Counts’