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Prospecting by email marketing has become the heart of marketing plans across many businesses in the UK. Generating new traffic/ leads every day starts with a good, validated and compliant email data list. 

Countrunner provides access to our master B2B email list of over 650,000 contacts and will let you filter under many segments including… Job role, SIC, Employee band, Turnover, Postal, Region and Drive Distance. 

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Drive more traffic to your website with a new email data list, you can filter our complete B2B email database of over 640,000 records down by…

Job Role, SIC,  County, Employee Band, Turnover Band, Towns and Postal Area. 

Don’t leave your Email Marketing too late this year, start sending campaigns to your data list today.

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As the new General Data Protection Regulation is coming into force in May 2018, Countrunner is sure to be your Data provider which is GDPR compliant. All our B2B Email Data is under the legal terms of ‘Legitimate Interest’. 

How is our B2B data GDPR Compliant? 

  • We Identify our data to be under the legal terms of  ‘Legitimate Interest’  which is the most appropriate lawful basis for processing our third party marketing. 
  • Our Online business directory and preference centre, 5 , Legimises, verifies and updates the corporate data on the files.
  • On collection of the data we use a layered privacy policy with the most Important Information upfront. This is which then designed to be transparent and clear with concise language, this will allow each Individual to receive the Information more In depth. 
  • We also send a regular data privacy notice by email reminding Individuals  of what personal Information we hold and what we do with the data. The email Includes a link for them to update their personal Information preferences within the 5 mins preference centre. At this point they are also reminded of their right to object to processing and provided with the opportunity to unsubscribe which allows them to have control over their Information. 

What do YOU need to do In terms of GDPR? 

  • In preparation of 25th of May 2018  we will be assisting our clients In doing their due diligence. With Future sales of prospect B2B email lists we are going to provide our clients in doing their duegence on our customers. 
  • We can help with running balancing tests that ensure you are correctly targeting the right contacts. 
  • We can advise on any other necessary processes such as sending a data privacy notice on Immediate purchase on an email list. 

What do we need to do with our clients? 

  • We hold a responsibility to comply with the new law ourselves. This Includes the need to ensure that when we share personal data with it will be in good and secure hands.  Therefore we have to do our own due diligence on our customers.

The Terms and conditions? There is three things you would have to do in order to use third party data from Emailmovers. 

  • Due Diligence Documentation- As part of GDPR you are expected to do your diligence on your data suppliers. If you have a documentation already please send this over, If you do not we have a document which gives you detailed explanations about the source and processes of our data. This has been completed by us. 
  • Legitimate Interest Assessment- We process our B2B Data under the legal basis of legitimate Interest, If you choose to process this also under legitimate  you need to do a Legitimate Interest Assessment, the assessment attached in our B2B GDPR package is completed on your behalf but we would ask you to make changes you feel are necessary before signing it and documenting. 
  • Data Privacy Notice- This is an Email  Text that must be sent out to all recipients on the data list prior to any other marketing emails. This tells them that you have their data and what you Intend to do with it.

Please sign, date these and keep a hard copy of them In your GDPR company folder, If you require more Information in terms of how our company is complying with GDPR then visit our Companies website for more Information, just to note Countrunner is a product of Emailmovers. 

When you enquire to Countrunner before any data is purchased you will expect to sign and date the documents before any data is leased to you, once these documents are signed you will therefore be the controller of the data, if the data is miss used or taken advantage of you as the data controller will be held responsible.

Purchasing directly from our Countrunner Platform? 

If you purchase directly from our platform please read the terms and condition in order to understand the whole process, and once you purchase the data directly from the platform you will be then held responsible if the data is miss used. 

If you would like more Information then get in touch to our Countrunner team and they should be able to help you with any further questions, drop in your enquiry at … or alternatively call 0843 886 9869.


Countrunner B2B Email Data GDPR Compliant









Out with the old and in with the new Email Data. 

Out with the old and in with the new, why not get a head start with a new list of prospects? Email marketing is changing faster than ever so we are always constantly adding new records to our master database each and every month. To ensure great results all our data is cleansed every 30 days.

Use our quote form to send us a direct enquiry and one of our team members will get back to you within the next 24 hours. 

Lets get ride of all the old data and in with the new data 

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