As the new General Data Protection Regulation is coming into force in May 2018, Countrunner is sure to be your Data provider which is GDPR compliant. All our B2B Email Data is under the legal terms of ‘Legitimate Interest’. 

How is our B2B data GDPR Compliant? 

  • We Identify our data to be under the legal terms of  ‘Legitimate Interest’  which is the most appropriate lawful basis for processing our third party marketing. 
  • Our Online business directory and preference centre, 5 , Legimises, verifies and updates the corporate data on the files.
  • On collection of the data we use a layered privacy policy with the most Important Information upfront. This is which then designed to be transparent and clear with concise language, this will allow each Individual to receive the Information more In depth. 
  • We also send a regular data privacy notice by email reminding Individuals  of what personal Information we hold and what we do with the data. The email Includes a link for them to update their personal Information preferences within the 5 mins preference centre. At this point they are also reminded of their right to object to processing and provided with the opportunity to unsubscribe which allows them to have control over their Information. 

What do YOU need to do In terms of GDPR? 

  • In preparation of 25th of May 2018  we will be assisting our clients In doing their due diligence. With Future sales of prospect B2B email lists we are going to provide our clients in doing their duegence on our customers. 
  • We can help with running balancing tests that ensure you are correctly targeting the right contacts. 
  • We can advise on any other necessary processes such as sending a data privacy notice on Immediate purchase on an email list. 

What do we need to do with our clients? 

  • We hold a responsibility to comply with the new law ourselves. This Includes the need to ensure that when we share personal data with it will be in good and secure hands.  Therefore we have to do our own due diligence on our customers.


Countrunner B2B Email Data GDPR Compliant





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 How to request your B2B quote? 
  • Retrieve saved counts from list
  • Click orange “Quote button” 
  • Confirms Quote details 
  • Click “request a quote” 
  • You will then receive a email to say ‘Quote request has been processed’